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Sasan Gir

The land of Asiatic Lions Gir National Park is the only remaining home for the Asiatic Lions that are almost a definition to this park in Gujarat, which has a lot more to offer.
It today assumes an almost royal significance adorned by the roars of the grand animal. Gir provides one the unique experience of visiting a place which almost singularly plays a crucial and defining role in the preservation and sustaining of a certain species. The preservation of these lions was initiated by the Nawab of Junagadh, when these were just about to enter the phase of extinction due to hunting. Other than the Asiatic Lions, Gir is a complete trip of adventure and excitement as it is home to a number of other animals and birds. These include antelopes, leopards, sloth bears, jungle cats, rusty spotted cats, hyenas, bush quails, crested eagles and more..


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